Do you ever hesitate to recommend a new color to your clients as they may not like the result? Could you be losing color business as your clients cannot picture the color you are describing? Now your clients can try on their color like any other fashion accessory!

Try Color™ is a great guide for both colorist and clients to immediately visualize the power of color, before the application bottle has been opened. This tool not only will increase your color sales but also give confidence to you and your client.

Expand your color business by creating a buzz in your salon with Try-Color™.

What Will Try Color™ Do For You?....

  • See Your Result

    Allow both colorist and clients to immediately visualize the power of color, before the application bottle has been opened.

  • New Color Clients

    Imagine if 30% of your non-color clients could try on their color and convert to color clients. What would this mean for your color business?

  • Get Creative!

    Easy to apply head bands make it simple to mix and match color combinations to bring out your creativity.

See Try Color™ In Action

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About Try Color™


My color clients and staff particularly find the two gray bands to be

MOST helpful!  What a way to show a woman that gray IS NOT GORGEOUS…. unless she is the one in a billion people for whom gray is a great option!  The bands are very easy to slip on and the colors are wonderful. Vivienne has hit another home run!  I can’t think of a color – conscious salon that would not benefit greatly from these wonderful”

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi Minardi Salon, NYC

“Try on Color puts the fun back into the color department !!!

Never before have our clients had so much fun trying on the Colors they always wanted to have ! Now with try on color they play with colors and the best part is it makes it easy for them to see how the correct color changes their skin tone and how the wrong tone does not work they have a whole new respect for our colorists. Clients that are watching other clients try new colors on become involved so before you know it the whole color department get involved clients tell each other “Go Ahead Try It “ Try on Color has really created a lot of excitement to our salon .But the best part is in this economy we have increased our make-over business by 12% ,and we are the only salon in our area other are still showing charts and pictures which we all know do not work . Thank you Vivienne on behalf of all colorist  this is what we needed especially in this economy . BTW we also us it in our make-up department to show clients why they should consider changing their hair color .”

Lois Christie
Lois Christie Lois Christie ,President of Intercoiffure, Haircolor director of Christie and Co. Salon and Spa.

I have to say that I don’t know how we ever consulted with our clients before the Try-Color headbands. Our guests love the ‘try before you buy’ concept. The headbands allow for full color range around the face and great contrast to eye color. As a colorist, I find them to be an extraordinary addition to my consultations and easy to use. I am known for being a corrective colorist and I use the headbands to show proper tones and levels for each guest. The wide variety of colors run the spectrum of shades for my clients and I am so grateful to Vivienne for coming up with such a brilliant product. I personally thinkthat every salon will want one.

Jo Blackwell Preston
Jo Blackwell Preston Dop Dop Salon, NYC



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