HairDesignerTV Testimonials

Hear what members have to say about HDTV lessons and courses.

Lonie Alan Carpenter, Owner/Education Director

I was so pleased to find HDTV and I couldn't join fast enough!  I would wake up at 5am and 6am most mornings ready to be inspired by your online academy, business lounge and especially the interviews! It was brilliant, I was addicted! I told myself "One day I'll be interviewed by Vivienne for something, not sure what that could be but something!"

PS from Vivienne - that dream came true when Lonie won best editorial work submitted.

Hannah Cousin

If you're involved in the industry and are looking to improve, whether you're a student or professional, there is a wealth of knowledge just waiting for you at HDTV. I'm in the middle of her 16-week Editorial Styling course and it has definitely taken me to the next level creatively as well as in my technical skills . The way that Vivienne describes the fundamentals of hair design has changed the way I view my craft and it has added so much more value to my styling services. Thank you Vivienne and HDTV for putting together such a beneficial tutorials!

Tod Alan, Tod Alan

I must say having found HairDesignerTV was most certainly a life changing and saving event. After doing hair for 10 years in and Aveda salon, then leaving to open my own small boutique salon, it wasvery scary indeed. Having to start over again and becoming scared and feeling lost and alone then at times depressed, not sure which direction to go,  I was blessed to find HairDesignerTV  and immediately signed up and watched video after video.  The fire was starting to spark within me. Then I watched the interviews with Nicholas French and all the other amazing mentors that Vivienne interviews and it breathed new life into me and my career in hair .and I truly, TRULY realized that I too was not JUST A HAIRDRESSER .The creativity in me was reborn and I haven't stopped since.  I thank God and the Universe for Vivienne and Hairdesignertv and I preach it every time I have an ear for other stylist to tune in . It truly is life changing and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart........much love and gratitude........xoxxox, Tod Alan

5-Star Salon Student Testimonial

I wanted to express my gratitude for everything I've learned so far! I have recently completed the Editorial series's and The Dynamic Bob series.

Each and every tutorial was worthwhile! I especially loved the knotted up do's, sewing hair, and Gibson girl in the Editorial series!( just to name a few).  I also loved the BOBS,  I enjoyed working with the straight razor( even though I started out with a few finger gauges)!!  I have never had the razor presented in such a thorough and controlled manner.  I cut my 14 year old sons' hair with the razor, after that and he said " he loved it!"  He told me to use the razor every time!!  You have also taken out the mystery of the"Vidal Sassoon Bobs,". Not to say,  I compare myself to you or Vidal Sassoon, but my understanding and knowledge has broadened with the Bob series.

I also appreciate your skill, knowledge,humor and sophistication!!  I feel as if I am in a university setting for hair, which I take very seriously!  It is remarkable what you have created in HairdesignerTv!! Every attempt I make to finish another tutorial and send it in, makes me feel proud and thankful to be participating in this program!

Warm regards,

Annette Abdelfatah, Antonio Salon

Workshop Testimonials

The five days my coworkers and I spent with Vivienne were amazing.  She pushes you outside your comfort zone of favorite tools, products and, techniques; forcing you to take a second look at not only at basics you thought you mastered but also advanced techniques you avoided out of fear and failure.  Most importantly, Vivienne teaches you to think about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how to really analyze your client and make them look their best,  This increased confidence, ability to work and teach efficiently are priceless.  Vivienne is an inspiration with so much knowledge to give.  I would highly recommend attending one of her classes and cant not wait to go back.  – Tess Bradley

Tess Bradley
Rossa Jurenas, Rossa Jurenas

Vivienne Mackinder has changed my life immensely!  Not only by taking one-on-one classes with her, to small seminars, and to this 16 week editorial class.  I have a saying ~ "dreams have wings" ; what I have learned from this remarkable person and her talent has changed my life forever.  My dreams have definitely grown by meeting Vivienne and taking this approach to education.  I now look at shapes in everything I see and do, back combing cleanly was always a challenge for me and now I see what needs to be done, to the beauty of hair and making a person look and feel amazing! This class not only helps you look at your editorial skills but also in your cutting and coloring.  She is not only talking about how to dress the hair - it is about making hair look stunning which makes the person look AMAZING!

Celia Manifold

I am immensely enjoying the editorial course thus far, at the beginning of week two what was immediately impressed upon me was, what a fool Ihave been to hesitate! I am realizing what foundational & aesthetic core skills I have to instill within me ( more than I would have guessed ) skills which are not just lacking, but foreign. Most of all I appreciate this very holistic view of hair design. For me the lessons reinforced again & again the simply of a great finish. I have moved from feeling inept to confident: please extend my THANKS & PRAISE to VMack!

Consultation Testimonial

Michele from the Mastery tells Vivienne what she got from the consultation lesson.

Live Event Keynote Speech Testimonial

I, again, wanted to let you know how wonderful your presentation was at ICA.. What better way to close the event.WOW.

I think I remember every word. Your delivery and timing of the strong points was genius.

I told Frank that I knew you had worked years to perfect your hair talent and  I know it has not been years doing this so it made it more powerful than you realize.

Thank you for always bringing the best and for always sharing so much of what you do and what you have learned.

I along with many appreciate you a lot,

Sheila Wilson