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Behind the scenes of a hair show and photo shoot - learn how to recreate the looks.

Vivienne Mackinder takes you behind the scenes and shows you how she created the "Un compromised Beauty collection" in detailed step by step videos and pdf step by steps.Then she takes you Back stage at the "Front Row Hair Show," presented By Luxury Brands.  Vivienne demonstrates  how to recreate the looks for Oribie Brand, these were the  styles that walked down the runway. Here you will see looks that the audience of 3000 did not see!  in this back stage access, you are literally looking over Vivienne's shoulder as she creates the looks.


You will learn Vivienne's secrets in design.

  • 9 hairs styles from Uncompromised beauty collection
  • how to design to face shape - learn the art of facial framing
  • how to do a 5 star consultation - Learn how to communicate your vision to your client and get buy in
  • 2 tutorials on body position -Learn  where to stand when cutting, for increased control and efficiency - 
  • 1 tutorial on the art of pinning hair for long hair styling - pin to hold without loosing the shape
  • 7 videos in the art of razor cutting principles
  • 1 video in the fundamentals of rope braiding - learn correct finger position
  • back stage at the show - learn how to do a very modern shag razor cut, then how to do a high fashion bouffant pony tail.
Finally you will see the total creation of an avant garde style.
  • Then relax pour yourself a cocktail and watch all the back stage work come to life and with a deeper understanding enjoy the hair show.

9 Lessons/29 Tutorial Videos

Step-By-Step Printable Downloads

1. the art of razor cutting
2. how to section a razor cut and retain control
3. how to retain a square back
4. how to facial frame

In this tutorial from Un-compromised beauty Vivienne Demonstrates the following:-
1. the importance of a set
2. Iron back comb set
3. the art of back combing
4. the comb out relaxed and sexy

Un compromised Beauty_Bouffant Pony tail _on razor Shag
In this tutorial Vivienne Mackinder demonstrates:-
1. the art of setting with the end in mind
2. the art of back combing - stacking and packing and motor cycle
3. the pony tail

Un compromised Beauty _ Bouffant French Twist
In this tutorial Vivienne Demonstrates:-
1. the importance of the set
2. the art of back combing
3. how to build a strong and yet undone look
4. how to pin
5. how to relax your work

Un compromised Beauty_Soft waves In this demonstration you will learn the following:-
1. Palm up Palm down wave


Un-compromised Beauty_Bouffant In this demonstration you will learn:-
1. Blow dry tease set
2. the art of back combing
3. how to build fullness and relaxation

Un compromised Beauty_Bouffant Pony tail in this demonstration you will learn:-
1. how to set for a bouffant
2. how to back comb
3 how to create a bouffant and relaxed pony tail



Un compromised beauty_Hair Sewing  in this demonstration you will learn;-
1. how to deconstruct a shape
2. how to sew to create valleys and peaks
3. how to create rhythm and balance
4. the importance of stopping stepping back and designing from the mirrors prospective and client

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