Joe Santi

Joe Santi : Perm Boy

Founder of,
Matrix Guest Artist and Texture Expert

When Joe Santi first entered the world of hairdressing, he got some very sage advice: Concentrate on the chemical side of the business. That advice came from his two uncles (one who helped developed the first commercial cold wave) and a cousin who saw the future in coloring. Joe took an avid interest in perming and coloring by finding many ways of approaching and doing both services-far beyond what was taught in cosmetology schools or at shows.

Thirty years ago he began working with the Miller family as a guest artist while still continuing cosmetology school for his teacher’s license. Recently he became Vice President of Education for the Dennis Bernard companies. He published his first book “Professional Waving-My Way” in 1985. Was also a co-author for “Perming Beyond Great Curl”, and most recently released the best selling interactive book, “Passionate Salon Professionals”, with Dr. Lew Losoncy on the psychology behind the clients, the stylists and the salon team. Joe continues a full travel schedule of shows and workshops (along with running his own salon).

What can we expect in the future of chemical services? While Joe no longer responds to predicting trends, he believes the coming years will be an exciting and profitable time for those salons who think beyond the parameters of traditional chemical services. “Seek out advanced education about chemical service products, non-traditional tools and techniques, and educate your clients about the benefits of color and texture services” According to Joe, education has and will play a key role in making the client feel comfortable about the service and advance the stylist’s skill level in working with chemically treated hair. “Stylists need to be made to feel comfortable and confident about executing texture and color services on all types of hair, with all types of clients and that is what my seminars are all about.”