Diana Lewis Jewell

Diana Lewis Jewell

Author of Going Gray, Looking Great!

As a former Marketing Director of Vogue Magazine and Promotion Director of Seventeen, Diana Lewis Jewell knows the business of bringing beauty and fashion alive for women everywhere. She has written seven non-fiction books, including the longest-selling beauty book of all time, Making Up by Rex. Many of her books can still be found on the internet.

Lisanne, A Young Model, Clarkson N. Potter
Anushka’s Complete Body Makeover Book, G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Executive Style, New Century Publishers
Making Up By Rex, Clarkson N. Potter
Forever Beautiful With Rex, Clarkson N. Potter
Angel of Beauty, The Story of Dr. Erno Laszlo, Erno Laszlo LLC
Going Gray, Looking Great!, Simon & Schuster, Silverlining Beauty LLC

In 1985, Diana started her own freelance copy firm, Jewell Creative, and writes for a virtual who’s-who list of clients in the fashion, textiles, fragrance, beauty, and magazine worlds. But nothing makes her happier than going in front of a group of “real” women, and talking to them directly about making the most of their beauty, their opportunities, their very real potential.

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Do you really need to change your wardrobe? Or your colors? How to know.

It is true that you’ve got a whole new color to contend with. (Forget the no-color, no-pigment thing. When it comes to integrating your hair into a whole fashion look, it is a color!) And that’s enough to make you feel like you need to change your wardrobe. It’s different than going blonde, women have told me. At least then you have some tone to build color choices around. White or silvered hair gives you no clues. Like a blank slate. Consider this an opportunity.


There’s no doubt about it – gray hair can be glorious! But you’ve got to keep it that way. Does it take any more “work” than pigmented hair? Not really. Any kind of hair can have problems — frizz, dryness, dullness, limpness — and if you’ve always done the right things for your hair, you’ll find the care and treatment of gray hair a snap.

The most important thing to achieve is the look of healthy, shining hair. Admittedly, this is a little trickier, as un-pigmented hair loses much of its ability to reflect light. Carmine Minardi, co-owner and Style Director of the world-famous Minardi Salon in New York City, notes that there’s a “liberating feeling when women first go gray.” While that’s very much a natural reaction, he also finds a few years down the road “women want to do some thing to improve the quality of their hair.” Why not start NOW?