Welcome to HairDesignerTV.com, an online learning and networking site for salons and stylists. World renowned hairstylist Vivienne Mackinder has condensed 30 years of her knowledge and experience into a comprehensive and highly-accessible educational series. We use streaming video, audio, animation, colorful graphics and printable lessons to demonstrate all the latest cutting trends, hair coloring techniques, dress work and more.

Benefits of Joining Our Community
“Successful salons become successful because they invest in training and education,” says Mackinder. “But as their client base grows, and the workplace (and life) gets busier, finding the time to teach and inspire stylists becomes challenging for even the most motivated salon owners—a problem that can translate into customer loss, staff turnover and descending profits.”

Who is HairDesignerTV For?
HairDesignerTV.com (HDTV) takes staff training out of the salons and puts it online,  supplementing their in-house program or relieving owners of this burden entirely.

How Does It Work?
Whether from home, work, or the coffee shop, you can log on 24/7, experience as many or as few streaming-video tutorials as you desire and study at your own pace. Included in each lesson is a printable “Step-by-Step” technical outline.

Learn More to Earn More
Find out about all the resources HairDesignerTV provides to increase your value behind the chair.