Learn Precision and Razor Cutting in an Intimate Setting. This workshop is excellent for foundation work and greater precision, combined with stepping out of the box to try new techniques.

Learn More to Earn More

Increase you confidence and skills and earn more money. Feed your heart and your pocket!

Investment $1100:
(includes 1 month HDTV Classic)

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Tess Bradley, Douglas J. Aveda Okemos, Mi "Vivienne pushes you outside your comfort zone of favorite tools, products and, techniques; forcing you to take a second look at not only at basics you thought you mastered but also advanced techniques you avoided out of fear and failure.  Most importantly, Vivienne teaches you to think about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how to really analyze your client and make them look their best,  This increased confidence, ability to work and teach efficiently are priceless.  Vivienne is an inspiration with so much knowledge to give.  I would highly recommend attending one of her classes and cant not wait to go back"
Rossa Jurenas "Vivienne Mackinder has changed my life immensely!  Not only by taking one-on-one classes with her, to small seminars.  I have a saying ~ "dreams have wings" ; what I have learned from this remarkable person and her talent has changed my life forever.  My dreams have definitely grown by meeting Vivienne and taking this approach to education.  I now look at shapes in everything I see and do..... - it is about making hair look stunning which makes the person look AMAZING!"

The 3 Most Important Reasons To Take This Class!

The important techniques and concepts you will learn in this 2-day workshop will enable you to be come a leader in your salon.

  • Increase your razor techniques

    Take the fear out of razor work and open up your repertoire to limitless creativity

  • Increase you skills in the art of precision cutting.

    Classic foundational technique. Learn the correct way and develop strong work habits.

  • Understand shape and balance

    Become a leader through understanding the why and how to add the most value to you clients.

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Investment:  $1100

Bonus: 1 month on HairDesignerTV. Vivienne will guide you to the best resources so that your learning continues even though the live class will come to an end.

*Should you be interested in your own private group booking either in NY or at your own location, please contact us for a special event.2-Day Cutting Workshop.
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