Welcome to HairDesignerTV, the ultimate in-salon training system for novice to advanced hairdressers – including an Apprenticeship Program (The Designer Program) for new hires:

HairDesignerTV, founded by award-winning stylist Vivienne Mackinder, teaches you how to build consistency and high standards of technical and creative skills expected in today’s high level salons. HairDesignerTV will strengthen your market value and brand, helping you to remain relevant in the ever-changing world of fashion. When you train with us you will be able to guarantee your clients the best and highest standards in the following: Consultation, Communication and Technical Skills.

HairDesignerTV offers you access to over 400 hairdressing videos and accompanying step-by-step lesson plans.

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Why HairDesignerTV?

What makes us different from other online hair education? A master can make it look easy and often other hairstylists find it hard to recreate, but HairDesignerTV is structured in a course lay out so that you can truly master each technique with building blocks from Basics and Fundamental principles to Advance design. Realizing that education is the key to unlocking your greatest potential, HairDesignerTV learning style is a blend of 3 customized training styles:

1. On-line training
2. Live Events (See our workshop opportunities & packages)
3. Virtual Training & Coaching Sessions

This very effective learning method allows for a solid training, allowing you to get the style right the first time for increased speed behind the chair and being able to deliver on your promise to your clients. HairDesignerTV offers every aspect of hair styling, including courses on Soft Skills, Precision Cutting, Razor Design, Editorial Styling and Color. Each course is designed to help you develop your business behind the chair, while working with the most respected icons in the beauty industry. With HairDesignerTV you will:

• Improve your earning power
• Increase your creativity
• Pick up speed behind the chair
• Increase your confidence in consultation
• Upgrade your technical skills
• Feel more inspired and motivated

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Why Online?

The value of online is that you can learn at your own pace. From the comfort of your salon, take down time in the salon and turn it into a learning opportunity. With so many educational choices available today we understand how carefully you need to select your coach and mentors as they will influence your career. At HairDesignerTV we value and respect your time as we guide you through your career with quality education. In addition: inspirational videos for you to enjoy on the days when you need motivation, even the best in the business appreciate this boost to their creativity.
Social media has changed how we do business: When your client shows you an image from Instagram or Pinterest, do you know how to reverse engineer the style and recreate the look? When you understand the Fundamentals you too will be able to recreate these styles.
The most successful stylists in the business are those who have mastered the art of consultation, designing to face shape understanding how to design to a client’s life style, fashion sensibility and personality. Our members have found that Soft Skills featured in HairDesignerTV have totally changed how they do hair and increase their retention and referral business.

Join us today and get inspired with Vivienne Mackinder!

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Our industry, at large, needs an upheaval. Too often we seek to change the outside world. It wasn't until I took a deep hard look at myself, that I realized I needed to become the change I wanted to see. Vivienne's Train the trainer program enlightens,
inspires and pierces, to the core, the very essence of what it means to advance from good to great!

- Ivo SKilj, Salon Owner

I REALLY appreciateHairDesignerTV.com, as I can always go in and learn something.
There are times when I've seen a specic video 10 times and I still learn something on the 11th time that I missed previously.

Crystal Townsend, Senior Stylist
Douglas J

I would highly recommend HairDesignerTV, because it is beneficial to anyone, no matter what part of their live or career they are in.

Douglas J


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