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How To Use Pure's On-line Certification

Step 1. Order your Starter Kit.
Go to http://store.pureextensions.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=PURESTARTER, select the color of extensions you would like for training then 'Add to Cart'. You will be able to register for an Online Account and complete your purchase from there.

Upon shipment of your Starter Kit you will receive an e-mail to welcome you to the Online Education with your unique username and password. This gives you access to the 14 certification training videos and 4 required tests.

Step 2. Study the Videos.
View the certification videos online and study the application techniques. Practice the application on a mannequin head.

Step 3. Recreate the Example Photos.
Copy the example photos using the hair, cylinders and tools in the kit. Take a picture using a camera or camera phone and upload to the website or email to PURE at education@pureextensions.com. GET HELP WITH TAKING PHOTOS HERE

*It is advised to submit tests one at a time to allow for any adjustments that may be necessary*

Step 4. Check your E-mail.
Once you have submitted your test photos, a PURE team member will review your work and give you feedback within 24-48 hrs. An e-mail will be sent to notify you that your test has been graded and you will be given a PASS or FAIL. Once you PASS you can move on to the next test. If you FAIL please don't be discouraged, we just need to see improvements. Follow the feedback and re-submit your photos for grading. If you have any questions please contact us.

Once you have PASSED all 4 tests, you will be sent an e-mail of notification and your Certificate will be mailed.

Have a question?
Email education@pureextensions.com or call 310.656.7873